Tel Aviv Diaries: Alone in Israel

Originally published as ‘Seeking the Promised Land’ on Cosmopolitan Philippines August 2017 Israel: Birthplace of Jesus, Wonder Woman, and Natalie Portman. The author goes on an adventure that stands out as the most intensely unique of her life — transcending South America and Europe. As the epicenter of the world’s oldest monotheistic religions, we suppose Israel has had … More Tel Aviv Diaries: Alone in Israel

Berlin Diaries: Day 1

Tuesday Night, 24 November [9.30pm] I land in Berlin, finally, after a three-hour layover in Moscow (all the women look like dolls! But what happened to the men…?) An airport worker pushing an elderly’s wheelchair ran over my foot, and now I’m bleeding from the ankle. Not the best start. My body goes into shock … More Berlin Diaries: Day 1