How to get an e-visa to Argentina using the new AVE system (Philippine passport)

DISCLAIMER: Please read the entire blog before asking me any questions!

Last February (2019), the Argentine government announced the inclusion of the Philippines in Argentina’s AVE (Autorizacion Electronica de Viajes) system. The system allows Filipino nationals with a valid non-immigrant B2 United States visa to apply for their Argentine visa through the website of the National Directorate for Migration (Direccion Nacional de Migraciones).

Finally! Sebastian had been nagging me for years to visit his hometown Buenos Aires, but I was too lazy to go through the notoriously lengthy and expensive process for a mere 3 month validity. If they could give me 10 years like the US for the same price of US$160, then fine.

Argentina electronic visa AVE

With the AVE I had no excuse. So I booked my tickets for Christmas and New Year 2019/2020 and applied through the system! I couldn’t find any blogs doing a step-by-step of the NEW process (everyone had information on the OLD one), so I had to go in blindly.

And now I’m here to help YOU.

Note: The AVE Argentina visa for Filipino citizens costs US$50.00. Be prepared to pay with your credit card.

It would also be handy to have the ff. documents ready, but you don’t have to upload them immediately after paying. They’ll give you a timeframe of some 10 days to complete your application.

  • Employment contract
  • Passport in PDF format including your information page and US visa
  • Flight itinerary

Step 1: Pay at the website

Go to this website and click the indicated section below.

0 AVE Argentina Visa for Filipinos

Register for an account and fill out the details1 AVE Argentina Visa for Filipinos

3 AVE Argentina Visa for Philippine Passport

2 AVE Argentina Visa for Philippine Passport
I paid on August 29. I had to complete my application and upload all the documents by the deadline of September 8.


Step 2: Follow the prompts to upload your information

I had a problem uploading my documents because the files were too big. I got this message:

Dear JULIENNE, R*****
The Passport PDF file that you have submitted was not properly scanned and thus it is not readable/legible. Please, be kind to submit it again. Documentation should be sent taking into account the following:

  • The Passport must be completely scanned including white and unused pages (do not skip any of the pages, please). False. They told me to skip the blank pages in the end because the files were just too big. I had to send the complete files by email separately (see below) 
  • The image scanned must be at least 300 dpi quality As long as it’s readable, it should be fine. Send the big version by email separately (see below). 
  • If you happen to have the USA or the Schengen visa in an expired Passport, you must scan and send both the old passport where the mentioned visa is (all of its pages) and also the current valid passport (all pages). In the end I just scanned the main pages including the information page in the beginning and emergency contact page in the end.
  • The 10-day period for resolution of the AVE will start counting as from the DNM receives all documentation required. After completing your application and successfully submitting all your documents, they will take 10 days to get back to you with the actual visa. I paid August 29, completed my application on September 9 and got the visa on September 17.


Step 3: Complete all the steps below

Go to this link and click ‘INGRESE AQUI PARA COMPLETAR LA SOLICITUD’ which means ‘Click here to complete the application’.

AVE Argentina Visa Filipinos 1

You should see these steps laid out for you:

4 AVE Argentina Visa for Philippine Passport

Step 4: Upload a scanned copy of your passport showing the US visa

AVE Argentina Visa Filipinos

Step 5: Send your documents by email if the files failed to upload

I had to go through this extra step. See our correspondence below:

From Autorizacion de Viaje Electronica <>

Dear, the file is probably very heavy and the system does not support it.

I recommend the following:

  • upload the most relevant documentation (valid passport, required VISA, and in case the VISA is in a previous passport, it must also be attached – of all this only the pages that have the data, avoid the blank pages to lighten the weight of the file – always crisp and color)
  • Likewise, he suggested sending all the scanning of all the sheets by mail to the fines of having a complete record of your documentation.


From me

Thank you, I just uploaded the most relevant documents, removing the blank pages. Where do I send all the scanned sheets by mail? To what mail? Thank you

From Autorizacion de Viaje Electronica <>

Dear, the email is this:


Step 6: Get your confirmation!

Argentina Visa AVE Filipinos.png

Step 7: Print the two documents

Print the travel authorization fees document and your confirmation. Congratulations! You’re all set to travel to the land of tango!

Don’t forget to bring the passport with valid US visa.

Your 3 months begin after you enter the country. The “Valid until” date only refers to your deadline for entering the country under that visa.

Hope that’s all clear! Enjoy your trip 🙂


20 responses to “How to get an e-visa to Argentina using the new AVE system (Philippine passport)”

  1. I experienced those things.I waited for almost two months before I received my AVE and it’s almost few days before my intended date of my travel to Argentina.
    And upon arrival at immigration in Buenos Aires ( Nov 16 2019 ) I noticed they are not aware yet of AVE from Philippines because the immigration officer asked me “Filipinas,AVE ?” I said yes and she was asked another immigration officer to confirm and the two them checked with their listings then finally stamp my passport..


    1. Thanks for sharing your experience! This is helpful. I can’t believe you had to wait two months though?! I only waited maybe 2 weeks, but I was delaying the process because I applied too early and wanted a later entry date.


  2. hi, i applied for the eVisa about 2 weeks ago (Dec 16), and have not yet received my e-visa as of today (jan 3). I followed up via email, but i got a reply that the lead time is 20 working days. I am travelling to Argentina on Feb 10. i hope i get it before then.

    Glad to see you got yours in 2 weeks.


    1. I’m sure you’ll get it before then! Enjoy the country!


  3. Hello Yeni,

    Today i applied for eVisa for Argentina, fill all details and ulpload the passport (first and last page) along with schengen visa. I i got so fast reponse in 3 hours that my AVE is denied.

    All the time mentioned in CET (European time)

    Step 1: I paid the fees (2:48 PM)
    Step 2: I took 1 hour to fill all the details and upload the documents (4:00 PM)
    Step3: I got so fast response (7:31 PM) in 3 hours that AVE is denied without mentioning which requirements is not fulfilled.

    I paid 50 USD also.

    REPONSE from DNM:

    “We are writing to you in order to inform you that your Electronic Travel Authorization (AVE, in Spanish)

    requested has been denied due to the unfulfillment of the requirements established to be eligible for said authorization.

    Please direct to the Argentine Consular Representation nearest to your place of residence if you would like to place a visa application.

    Sincerely DNM”

    Now i have no idea how to reach DNM. do you know how exactly it works?



    1. I put the email address in the blog post, please read it 🙂


    2. Hi! They have suspended the Schengen Visa for AVE.


      1. Thanks for sharing! I wonder why they did that?!


  4. Hi! I was wondering what the next step is after paying? I didn’t seem to get redirected to upload documents, or received any next steps via email. I did receive the receipt of payment though, including the PDF for Travel Authorization Fees.


  5. Hi Yeni,
    Did you have to show an outgoing flight ticket when you were entering Argentina?


    1. Hi! I didn’t have to, I just showed a printout of my AVE 🙂


  6. Hi! I’m currently in Argentina with an AVE and not sure which expiry date to follow. When I entered Argentina in 24 May, the immigration officer stamped and wrote 3 meses on my passport – so I am assuming that if I based it on that I can be in the country until 24 August. However, the expiry date on my AVE is on 2 August and when I entered the country I just assumed that I should follow the expiry date on my AVE so I didn’t really ask the immigration officer what the 3 meses means, but after reading your blog post I got a bit confused which to follow. Would you mind if I ask where you get this information please? “Your 3 months begin after you enter the country. The “Valid until” date only refers to your deadline for entering the country under that visa.” Thanks!


    1. Hi Maumi, Not sure what you want me to say because you just said it. 3 months from entry to the country. 🙂


      1. Hi Yeni, thanks for responding. Sorry if my question was unclear, just really wanted to know where you got this information as I cannot seem to find this anywhere else online – “Your 3 months begin after you enter the country. The “Valid until” date only refers to your deadline for entering the country under that visa.” Thanks


      2. Hi Maumi,
        I think that question is better directed to Argentinian immigration. This is a blog where I share my experiences and sources I found at the time of writing.
        Safe travels!


    2. Hi Maumi
      How long is the process to get the AVE?
      Thank you


  7. Hi. Your blog is very helpful with detailed information on how to apply for AVE. Couple of questions: how long is the AVE valid for once they issue it (i.e. when do you need to enter Argentina by?). Also, you mentioned preparing an Employment Contract. Is this mandatory? Was there an option for what to submit if one is retired? Thanks a lot.


  8. So useful! Thanks a lot!


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