Chiang Mai Temple Tour x WÖLSCH Watches

February 10, 2017 – We decided to do the major temples of Chiang Mai all in one go. More than halfway through it, we were so tired from walking under the powerful sun we took a massage break at the Old Medicine Hospital. The latter is actually a massage school where you can get good quality no-frills services at very affordable prices. It was around THB450 (US$13) for a full body oil massage (1 hour). Not bad at all!


Fun Fact: There are more Thai massage clinics per square kilometre in Chiang Mai than anywhere else in the country. – The Old Medicine Hospital

Starting the day with breakfast at the hotel. That’s me drinking an obscenely dense Ovaltine with Czarina

This fashion + travel themed post is done in collaboration with WÖLSCH watches, who sent me a VERSA 40 in rose gold last year. It came with two straps: one in rose gold mesh and the other in olive leather.

Swiss minimalistic design + German roots + Australian brand

That day I paired the watch with a bracelet I got at the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center. We watched a Khantoke show at the complex featuring traditional music and dance, paired with a dinner of Northern Thai dishes. It was a veritable feast – they kept refilling our bowls throughout the night with food.

WÖLSCH watches are made with Crystal Sapphire glass, which can only be scratched by a material harder than itself – diamond.

At first I wanted the VERSA 40 in Rose Gold Mesh. I was using it for a few days, but after that I switched it for the olive leather strap which is lighter and sturdier. WÖLSCH’s founder told me they’re working on making the clasp more secure for their mesh straps.

(The above is an awesome photo, but the girl needs to get her nails done, heh)

I’ve never liked black-faced watches before, but after training my eye a little, I realise I love black-faced watches particularly on men.

$185 – not bad as a stylish and striking but affordable birthday present for a boyfriend, right?


At Wat Phra Singh, the city’s foremost temple
Water resistant for up to 30 metres 😉


Personal touch — Every WÖLSCH comes with the option of up to 10 easily interchangeable bands, perfect for people who like to play with their style / colours. They even give you 2 bands upfront when you buy a timepiece so you automatically have a couple of options to experiment with.

We had fun dressing ‘conservative’ that day. In Thailand, they won’t let you in the temples unless you cover your underarms and knees…


Corporate Social Responsibility   WÖLSCH watches‘ partner charity is Pay A Sack Forward  in Australia. It donates $5 to the homeless for every watch sold.


Having recently had a look at the WÖLSCH watches website, I was surprised to see that at least half of their styles had already sold out. I hear they’re working on their new and improved collection coming soon…


And finally, a photo of the whole group who did the temple tour with us:


We booked the tour with TripGuru, a travel startup curating travel experiences across Southeast Asia. They have several authentic and local experiences at many of the major travel destinations on this side of the world.

About WÖLSCH watches

Carefully engineered using the finest materials (Swiss movement, stainless steel…), this modern and trendy timepiece brand offers Western European boldness and flair in a contemporary range of premium watches. IG: wolsch_watches

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