Can travellers transit through Moscow without a Russian visa?

Answer is: yes! As long as you’re staying in the airport. The terminals in Sheremetyevo International Airport are connected.

I just landed from Hong Kong en route to Berlin at Terminal F. From there I simply passed through the transit counter + security check and walked (10 minutes) to Terminal D. No visa needed, just a stamp on my boarding pass and I was off! And now I’m sitting at gate 23 concluding a 3 hour layover.


No hitches so far, except for some guy pushing a wheelchair running over my foot causing me to start bleeding 😪

Anyway, I thought to share this bit of information since Flight Centre Hong Kong apparently told my friend that she couldn’t fly Aeroflot because she needed a visa to transit through Russia. Kind of unprofessional of them seeing as it IS their business to know.

I went for it despite her warning me because it was the cheapest flight to Europe and had no choice but take the risk. I had no time to process a Russian visa anyway after doing the US and Schengen visas one after the other. Literally got my passport the day before I flew… But that’s another tale for another time.

Hope this helps!

Stay warm people, winter is coming xx

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