Top 3 Travel Essentials for Japan

During my 10+ day trip to Japan (Nagoya, Tokyo) last month over cherry blossom season, I found these three things indispensable:

1. Japan Travel Sim


Where to buy it: Any BIC CAMERA shop – they’re everywhere.

You’ll need to download the APN configuration profile first (super easy) and then you’re good to go! When you leave Japan, just delete the profile in your General/Settings.

2. The FREE Tokyo Handy Guide



Where to get it: FREE at all major hotels. Just walk into any lobby and take one, it’s free. I didn’t want to buy an expensive Lonely Planet book and this was actually perfect and super helpful!! The maps helped so much and all the info on public transportation, sights, itineraries, where to eat… Amazing. Couldn’t live without it, had it on me everyday.

3. Toei and Tokyo Metro One-Day Pass

IMG_5783Just one of the many different ticket combos you can get.

Where to buy it: Simply get it in the machine at the station instead of 1-way tickets. If you’re planning to make more than 3 one-way trips on the subway/metro/underground, then it’s definitely worth it for 1,000 yen since the usual 1-way prices average around 200-400 yen.

Getting assistance from the station staff. Hilarious!!!
Getting assistance from the station staff. Hilarious!!!

IMPORTANT TIP! For some reason, it’s cheaper to buy the ticket right at the machine right outside the entrance of the specific station/line you’re going to use. What I mean is, there are so many interchange stations, that you could easily buy your ticket at a machine in another connecting station even if it feels like you’re in one big station. BUT IT’S MORE EXPENSIVE if you buy your ticket at the non-specific machine instead of the machine exactly where you will board your train. I hope that made sense but it was super weird when I caught onto that fact!

Enjoy Japan! x


2 responses to “Top 3 Travel Essentials for Japan”

  1. haha! @ the last paragraph I think i got it but then i told myself I’ll just stop at the first sentence and take that tip as the rule. thanks for sharing this!


    1. Ugh I sounded nonsensical but I mean as near to your platform as possible hehe


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