Goodbye Hong Kong?

2 responses to “Goodbye Hong Kong?”

  1. hello, i was browsing travel blogs and happened upon yours. i was deciding whether or not to comment but after seeing 1 or 2 posts from your other blog, i can see that you’re dedicated towards leading a fulfilled life. i also got to listening to your vlog and i didn’t want you to leave hong kong before getting acknowledgment on the inspiring body of work you’ve put into hk files. as you probably may have realized, building a blog post by post can be a very rewarding experience. i think i have an idea of what you’re planning to do for this one but i wondered if you would update seeing that there were no comments for this post. so i just figured to be the one to comment and say that i hope you plan on updating this blog as much as you did your previous. i’ll come back from time to time and offer my honest thoughts. until then, enjoy this momentous step and hopefully, i’ll be reading a new post soon!


    1. Wow thank you for your comment, I wasn’t expecting one on this blog so soon especially since I haven’t put any work into it yet! What a pleasant surprise to hear such positive words. I definitely plan on updating this blog more than my last, especially since it will be more personal rather than a how-to guide like HKFiles… 🙂 Look forward to hearing from you again!


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